FBS Super Trader Real Account Contest

Open a trading account, register in the contest until 28 September, and trade as many lots as you can!

Open a Super Trader account

Contest period — from 28.09.2015 (12:00:00 GMT+03:00) to 02.10.2015 (14:00:00 GMT+03:00)

fbs super treder

Promotion rules

In order to participate in the contest trading account must be registered.
Registration for the contest is opened during the whole contest period.
The number of trading accounts involved in the contest, is not limited.
Minimal initial balance for participation in the contest is $100. Accounts with a balance less than the minimal amount at the moment of the contest start (or joining the contest) do not refer to any contest group, and thus, counting of traded lots on such contest accounts is not made until the moment of balance increase at least to $100.
Maximal initial balance for participation in the contest is $5000. Accounts with a balance more than maximal amount at the moment of the contest start (or joining the contest) do not let to participate in the contest.
All participants of the contest are automatically divided in 2 groups:
1st group: Participants with deposit from 100 USD to 1000 USD.
2nd group: Participants with deposit from 1001 USD to 5000 USD.
Trading on contest account is allowed before and after the contest period, but it will be considered only lots, traded during the contest.
6 participants (3 from each group) with the biggest total order volume traded will get special prizes from FBS company: Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet SGP521 , Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual , SmartWear Sony SmartWatch 3 for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd places, respectively.
30 participants (15 from each group) with the biggest total volume of closed orders will be announced as winners of the contest and will receive money prizes in the amount of: Σ lots * 10 (USD)(the amount of traded lots multiplied by 10)
Prize funds can be withdrawn.
Contest period – 1 trading week.
IB commission for trading on contest trading account is paid without limitation according to the conditions of FBS Partnership program.
Upon detection of fraud from the participant of the contest, his/her trading account will be disqualified.

Exness offering 75% Deposit bonus during “Ramadan 2015”

Exness broker is offering 75% deposit bonus during the holy month Ramadan. Anyone who open a new mini account within 12.06.2015- 16.7.2015 will get the bonus.


  1. Account type Mini
  2. account have to open  within 14.06.2015 — 16.07.2015 .
  3. only  EXNESS LIMITED clients will get the facility.
  4. Bonus will not get at a time, Traders have to fulfill the lot*
  5. Bonus time: lifetime and every deposit.

To open an Exness account please click the link bellow

Open an Exness 75% Bonus account



*  Example of calculating the bonus:

The cumulative trading volume for closed positions per side (in one direction) on an account is 450,000 EUR. Rate of EUR/USD=1.25000.

Net Deposit is 100 USD, which is equal to 0.1 thousand USD.

To calculate the bonus that corresponds to these conditions:

  • Convert the trading volume to USD: 450,000 EUR = 450,000 x 1.25000 = 562,500 USD = 0.5625 mln USD.
  • Find the ratio of the trading volume to the value of the Net Deposit: 0.5625 / 0.100 = 5.625.
  • Let’s compare the result with the figures in the table and determine the size of the bonus: 5.0 < 5.625 < 8.0, therefore, the bonus amounts to 35.0% or 35.0 USD for 100 USD Net Deposit.

“Trading volume” means the value of cumulative trading volume for closed positions in one direction.

Up to 1 10
1— 2 15
2— 5 25
5— 8 35
8— 10 45
10— 15 55
15 or more 75

One Day Fibo


The indicator is based on Tom Strignano idea about building FIBO channels from previous day candle, the start point here is day close price. Fibo levels are built both sides, up and down.


One day Fibo

Input parameters are just colors.

Download one Day Fibo Indicator


Please review about the indicator  to help others. If you think it is good then please like and share the post.

Super Scalper Indicator



Time frame: 1M , 5M

It’s very simple strategy I used on 1M we use SuperScalper indicator and 100 SMA and 50 SMA.

– indicator Super Scalper

Rules are so simple:

BUY: when 50 SMA cross 100 SMA to up we just buy , SuperScalper change colour from yellow to blue we take buy ( T/P 10 pips, S/L 15 pips ) or we exit when the SuperScalper change the colour.

SELL: when 50 SMA cross 100 SMA to down we sell only, SuperScalper change colour from blue to yellow so we sell .

Note: when the price between the two moving average we don’t trade there is no trend , and in SuperScalper we have to change ( skip single bar signal ) to true to avoid false signals.




Broker: Exness

  • Country:  Newzeland
  • Payment Method:  Wire transfer, Credit card, Skrill or Moneybookers, Payweb, Neteller, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Ukash, CashU and Internal transfer
  • Minimum Deposit: $2
  • Minimum Lot size: 0.01
  • Leverage:  1:50 to :2000
  • Spread:  EURUSD – variable from 0.3 and ECN variable from 0.0
  • Regulation:  FDR, CySEC

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  • Everything is automatic here. Deposit, withdraw, Deposit bonus everything instant.
  • Meta trader 4 platform
  • Meta trader 5 platform
  • Lot of deposit method
  • Islamic account swap free
  • Forex, Stock, CFD and Commodity Future Trading
  • 60% Deposit bonus on every deposit.
  • Bonus is tradable and can be loss.
  • Any Strategy allowed
  • Very low spread
  • Free VPS for EA/Robot Trading
  • No harassment for account verifying. You can trade with a single verify. Even no need any verification for account to account transfer.

Open a Exness Trading Account

Exness Main Site

XM 30$ no deposit bonus


XM offers its clients multiple additional incentives to start trading and keep on trading, starting with a $30 no deposit bonus. In other words, we give you $30 worth of credit just for opening your first Real Account, allowing you to test our products and services by starting to trade with no investment and no risk.

  • No deposit required300x250_promotion30d-en
  • Automatically credited to your account
  • All profits earned can be withdrawn
  • Available to all new clients
  • No hidden terms
What is the no deposit bonusThe $30 no deposit bonus allows traders to test our superior execution in a real trading environment with no investment risk. When you claim your bonus, the amount will be credited to your account instantly to be used for trading. Any profits made can also be later withdrawn.
Who can claim thisThis promotion is available to all traders opening an XM Real Account for the first time. In some regions however, an alternate promotion may prevail. There is a 30-day limit from the date of opening your account in which time you must claim the bonus before it is rendered unavailable.

How to get itTo claim the Bonus you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Open a Real Account
  2. Log in to the Members Area using the credentials sent to you by email
  3. Provide the relevant identification documents to validate your account (if you have not already done so)
  4. Click the button to Claim your Bonus
  5. Complete the SMS verification process by following the on-screen instructions





UMOfx is offering 5$ No deposit cash bonus.


General Information:
  • This promotion is organized by UMOfx and will be held from 24/07/2014 (00.00 GMT) to 27/08/2014 (00.00 GMT).
  • The promotion is open to all UMOfx´s NEW Accounts and eligible ONLY to Mini4 and Mini5 live trading accounts.
  • Bonus is applied through registration form.
  • Client must verify their account by submitting the following documents:-
    • Full color image of passport with clear photograph, personal information, place of issue, date of issue and expiry date, serial number and signature. For EU customer, only international passport or driving license is accepted. For non EU customer, international passport and national identity card is accepted.
    • Utility bill not longer than 6 months, current local government tax bill, bank or credit card statement.
  • Client account will be verified within 24 hours working time.
  • For more information, contact our Livechat or Skype: BDForexSchool


To get 5$ free open a live account now

open a UMOFX  live account


Main site




Terms & Conditions:
  • Cash bonus is $5 USD only.
  • Bonus can be claimed to NEW mini account only (Mini4 or Mini5).
  • 5 USD Cash Bonus can only be used once per client on EITHER Mini4 account OR Mini5 account. A client cannot apply bonus for both or multiple account.
  • If the mini account had been deposited prior to get the 5 USD Cash Bonus, the cash bonus will not be credited (promotion account cannot be deposited).
  • There is no IB commission from 5 USD cash bonus account.
  • Bonus cannot be withdrawn and only profit withdrawal can be made when your trading volume is accumulated to 1 standard lot.
  • Maximum leverage 500:1 and minimum trading size is 0.01 lot.
  • Any abnormal trading activities will be disqualified.
  • UMOfx have right to reject bonus application from suspicious account with suspicious verification documents.

FBS 60% Tradable Deposit Bonus

FBS  is offering 60% tradable deposit bonus. FBS broker’s previous 30% deposit bonus was not tradable. It could be just used for increasing free margin. Now you can use this 60% deposit bonus for trading even your deposit sum is lost. Please visit the FBS promotion page to know more about the promotion.

If you yet not opened an real trading account with FBS, open it now

Open an FBS Live Trading Account


FBS Main Site