One Day Fibo


The indicator is based on Tom Strignano idea about building FIBO channels from previous day candle, the start point here is day close price. Fibo levels are built both sides, up and down.


One day Fibo

Input parameters are just colors.

Download one Day Fibo Indicator


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Super Scalper Indicator



Time frame: 1M , 5M

It’s very simple strategy I used on 1M we use SuperScalper indicator and 100 SMA and 50 SMA.

– indicator Super Scalper

Rules are so simple:

BUY: when 50 SMA cross 100 SMA to up we just buy , SuperScalper change colour from yellow to blue we take buy ( T/P 10 pips, S/L 15 pips ) or we exit when the SuperScalper change the colour.

SELL: when 50 SMA cross 100 SMA to down we sell only, SuperScalper change colour from blue to yellow so we sell .

Note: when the price between the two moving average we don’t trade there is no trend , and in SuperScalper we have to change ( skip single bar signal ) to true to avoid false signals.