Why Trade Forex?

Forex offers several advantages over speculative trading in futures, stocks and other equities. Eight major currency pairs dominate most currency trading, so it is a much simpler market to follow for most traders. The vast majority of trades involve the United States Dollar, while the Euro, British Pound and Japanese Yen are also widely traded.

Although most currency speculation occurs between a relatively small number of currencies, many brokerages offer trading in a much wider range of less commonly-traded currencies.

Some prospective traders looking to participate in speculation are attracted by the low account balances required to open a forex account with some brokerages.

Forex offers many advantages..

  • No commissions

  • No middlemen

  • No fixed lot size

  • Low transaction costs

  • A 24-hour market

  • No one can corner the market

  • Leverage

  • High Liquidity.

  • Low Barriers to Entry

  • Free Stuff Everywhere